What is Empow(her) Network?

Founded in 2013 as Head Start for Young Women, the Network was originally a municipally-funded organization supported by Ottawa City councillors Marianne Wilkinson and Catherine McKenney with the aim of getting young women involved in their local communities and municipal politics.

workshop participants
Debate Workshop participants at Ottawa City Hall in 2014.

The network rebranded to EmpowHer Network in late 2016 and is experiencing new growth with a diverse group of ambitious young women who want to speak to three important aspects of young women’s lives: personal, professional, and political.

EmpowHer Network believes young women should be empowered enough to:

  • understand how to vote
  • decide where they want to work
  • take care of their mental health
  • maintain healthy relationships
  • write a professional resume
  • know how to ask for a raise

A lot of local young women’s groups are geared towards young professionals in business, law, and government, but many millennials don’t have traditional 9-5 jobs, so we want to open things back up to other professionals, like people working retail and those with side hustles.

We want to see young women be equipped with the skills they need to succeed in what they want to do.

What do you need to succeed in what you want to do?

Not sure how to make the transition from school to full-time work? Looking for mentorship in a specific area? We’d love to hear about how we can help support your success.