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Vacant Positions

We’re a group of young women* who are passionate about supporting each other and encouraging the personal development, professional development and civic engagement in our communities. 

*We recognize that the term “women” may not encompass the diverse identities of our audience. Please note, we welcome and strive to create an inclusive environment for all trans, non-binary and agender persons within our organization. If you have any concerns or questions about participation, please reach out.

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Indigenous Affairs

We’re actively seeking a volunteer to help us better support the needs of young Indigenous women in our community. 

If you identify as a member of this community and are interested in joining us, please reach out!

More Ways to Get Involved


Sorry, we don’t have any volunteer positions available right now.

Feel free to send us your CV and a few words on why you’d like to work with us and your time options, and we’ll keep your information on file for future opportunities.


If you don’t have time to volunteer, but would like to support us through a donation or sponsorship, we appreciate all kinds of support.