Empow(her) Network provides young women* in Ottawa opportunities for growth and networking, while encouraging them to assume positions of leadership.

*We recognize that the term “women” may not encompass the diverse identities of our audience. Please note, we welcome and strive to create an inclusive environment for all trans, non-binary and agender persons within our organization. If you have any concerns or questions about participation, please reach out.


Supporting young women in Ottawa to excel in their professional, personal, and civic lives through peer-to-peer mentorship, networking opportunities, and skills-building workshops.



Personal (Foundation)

will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the many firsts in life. From finances to self care, we’ve got you covered!

Personal (Growth)

provides opportunities to continue engaging with your life journey, and creating goals that you can crush. The road to success is highly personal, cookie cutter listicles need not apply.

Personal (Community)

we’re here to support you in building connections within our community. There’s nothing more powerful than women promoting women.


Professional (Foundation)

will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your professional life with confidence. Searching, landing, and beginning a new (or first) job can be complicated, but not for you!

Professional (Growth)

tackles the important work of excelling within your career. Whether you’re interested in learning new skills or seeking a promotion, we will support your goals and guide your path to success.

Professional (Community)

focuses on mentorship and networking. Networking has a bad rep, but we’re here to tell you it’s all about relationship building and you can totally do this!

Civic engagement

Civic Engagement (Foundation)

will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to be an actively engaged citizen. Whether it’s becoming politically engaged or volunteering in the community, we know you’re invested in positive change.

Civic Engagement (Growth)

seeks to discover what makes you passionate about your community. Whether your thing is politics, supporting a local organization, or leading the next big movement, we see great potential in you!

Civic Engagement (Community)

is where the Empow(her) Network gets involved in activism that impacts local young women. We are committed to offering inclusive, intersectional programming, that focuses on advancing important societal issues that have an impact on all women.